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The nD, a $10 handheld coming in 2012?

Here is a truly strange piece of potential gaming hardware that could be very cool if it does not turn out to be vaporware and can hit the targeted price point. It is called the nD, as in, an indi game system. The nD is targeting a 2012 release and a $10 - $20 price point. If this is not wild enough it is the brainchild of Robert Pelloni the eccentric programmer of "Bob's Game". Perhaps eccentric does not adequately describe Robert Pelloni but, I'll let yuu [sic] judge for yourself. I'll post more about this if the system turns out to be legit but at this point am very skeptical that the system, or the much delayed Bob's Game will ever see the light of day. Best of luck to Robert, after many delays the Pandora, one of the only current indi game system on the market, made it so who is to say the nD won't either?

Check out the promo video below.

Find out more at http://the-nd.com/

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