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Free WiFi for 3DS at Major Airports

Contributed By Guest Blogger: Ryan Franklin

There’s no better place to play around with your 3DS than at an airport, while you’re waiting for your delayed flight. Until recently, however, you weren’t able to connect wirelessly to the Internet on your 3DS at any major airport. This was a major buzz kill if you wanted to play some multi-player online games or download new stuff to your 3DS. Fortunately, Nintendo and Boingo just announced today that you are now able to connect to WiFi connections at 42 major North American airports. And you’ll be able to do this for free! This means that you’ll have endless opportunities to do just about anything you want to on our favorite handheld console while you wait for your plane.

Nintendo hasn’t released an official list with the names of the 3DS WiFi compatible airports. MTV.com reports that New York JFK, Houston George Bush Intercontinental, and Chicago O’Hare airports will all be offering WiFi services for 3DS. If you want to see whether your 3DS will be able to connect to WiFi at an airport near you, you can find out on Nintendo.com’s hotspot locator. This locator provides you with a chance to discover all of the 3DS WiFi hotspots near you, including those that may be at your local airport.

As 3DS consoles become more popular, we can only hope that we’ll be able to use them to connect to free WiFi networks all over the place. Perhaps Nintendo will release a statement soon about being able to access WiFi connections at Greyhound bus stations or train stations. Until then, we can only hope that we’ll be able to connect to the Internet from our 3DS consoles at more places like coffee shops and grocery stores.

Author’s Bio: Ryan is a guest post writer on the subjects of handheld gaming consoles, technology, and finding Dell coupons for deals. In his spare time, he writes for the Blog Content Guild.


  1. Gone are the days when you have to wait for your flight and have nothing to do. Nowadays, most airports have free internet access and WiFi hotspots to provide you wireless internet access all the time. Now can people can check their mails and update their status before boarding their plane, and kids can have access to online games using their portable devices.

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