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Ode to the Playstation Vita

I haven't posted to the olde' blog in a while due to some other projects taking up a lot of my free time. These projects include, looking for a job, getting ready for the arrival of a baby, building cigar box musical instruments and making videos. Here is a video made special for the blog.

Yes, I have a Vita and I really like it even though it doesn't have a killer app yet. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Gravity and hope it will fill the open world niche that keep me obsessed with games such as Skyrim or GTA. I will say that Uncharted is nearly as good as it's console counterparts, if less cinematic and being able to download psp games and assign camera controls to the right stick makes those games so much better. Also the sticks totally destroy the 3DS's circle pad by a factor of 10. Really they are that much better. Come over to my house and I'll let you compare the circle pad pro to the stock Vita and I am sure you will agree.

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