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JXD S7300 Preordered: Willgoo and JXD Fail to Deliver

0I just preordered a piece of gear, the JXD S7300. It is a low priced dual core gaming tablet that advertises true dual analog, android 4.1, magic rainbow ponycorns and, HDMI 1080P out. It was 2AM, I had just fed the baby and read a couple of so so reviews of the Archos Gamepad on my Nexus 7. Man oh man, I really want buttons on my Nexus 7, and a SD card slot, and a ponycorn. The Nexus 7 can kind of do one of the three which isn't bad considering that one of the things I desire is a mythical forest creature. With a sixaxis controller and Onlive the Nexus 7 can almost become a pretty impressive gaming rig... Except that the sixaxis app kills wi-fi which Onlive needs, and you have to prop the Nexus somewhere to use the controller with it, and it is more convenient to just grab a laptop and plug in a 360 controller...

Anyway, point is, watch this space for a JDX S7300 review here early February to find out if the JDX S7300 lives up to the potential or is cheap import garbage.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it will be a bit longer before I can review the JDX S7300 I received my JDX today and it is defective. It randomly scrolls, opens and closes menus, and exhibits other unexpected behavior. I suspect that it has something to do with the hardware controls being defective rather than a software issue. I am reaching out to Willgoo to get a replacement and may reach out to JDX. I'll update when I have any useful information.

UPDATE 2: I have gotten terrible customer service from Willgoo! First off after offering free shipping they sent me a message on January 18th. 

"...Here is a good news for you. JXD S7300 will be available next week. We are now arranging your shipping. Before shipping, we have a suggestion for you. The package of JXD S7300 is bigger, and the value of it is higher. We worry about the risks of the register air mail parcel. So we wonder if you can make up $10USD for shipping by DHL? You know, DHL is not only much faster, but also much safer. Parcels will never get lost or stolen by DHL. And now, you only need to pay $10USD for it!..."

Well, I paid the extra for DHL shipping, received a tracking number on the 25th, and The JDX arrived on the 29th. So far so good.  Unfortunately the JDX was defective so I sent them this message.

"...The JXD S7300 I received is defective. It makes a constant clicking noise seems to be detecting touches when there are none, the menus are unnavigable since it opens and closes menus without me touching it. I am frustrated. I would appreciate getting a replacement quickly..."

Instead of offering to immediately replace it they asked for a video. 

"...Sorry to hear that.To let us know the problem well, we wonder if you can take video for it? And upload the video to Youtube and show us the link after that. We will try our best to assist you..."

Videos were uploaded.

They then suggested I update the firmware, which I did. 

"...Thank you for getting back to us. We had contacted our factory. The problem may be happened for the d-pad or the Joystick. Can you press the dpad and the left joystick to see if the problem is still there? Try to press them for a few time- to play some games with d-pad and joystick. Then reset the device to see if the sound is still there. If the sound is still there, then you can try to update the firmware on S7300. Here is the way for teaching you how to update the firmware: http://boards.dingoonity.org/android-devices/jxd-s7300-fixes-firmware-roms-thread/ Try the above ways and get back to us if it can help.

Don't worry. We will try our best to help you. If the device is really defective, we will require you to send it back to us.


The problem was not fixed. I sent them two more emails over the next two days, one of them tersely worded.

"...I updated to 1.1 and am still having the same issue... ...Will you send my replacement unit immediately. I paid extra for DHL shipping already so I could get the JXD safely and quickly. I am getting neither. Now, I am expected to pay shipping again to send it back! This is not acceptable..."

They did get back to me on the 31st asking that I return the defective unit using certified mail with a tracking number. Which I sent out. 

"Thank you for your email. We wonder if you can use the register to send back the device to us?... ...Can you pack the device in more bubble paper to make sure it can be in good condition. The screen will be very easily to be broken if you do not do that. Write a letter in the package and tell us your order ID, your full name and the problem you get. We will remind you and fix the device for you once we receive the parcel from you. Send us the tracking number when you send out the device. To help you reduce the shipping fee, can you just send us the device? Without the package and its accessories? But make sure you pack it well and insert as much bubble paper as you can. Feel free to get back to us if you need any more help.

Finally on Febuary 28th they sent an e-mail that read, "Thank you very much for your understanding. Please note that we had send back the device to JXD. They will fix it next week. When we get back the device, we will remind you and resend you a working item.

We suggest you wait patiently.

At the same time, I wonder if you can send a email to remind us at the end of next week? We are so busy these days. Your email will always remind us the issue you got.

Thank you very much for your understanding."

WHAT??? I need to remind them to do their do their job?!? Is this a business that specializes in shipping and distributing electronics internationally or a  I am dealing with, a high-schooler, drunk on his dad's scotch, run rampant with a pay-pal account?!?

I just want a replacement and have expressed as much. They have not sent my replacement and I have had to pay over $40 in shipping. Their webpage does state that buyers pay for returns, guess I should have read the fine print. I feel like the customer service has been pretty lousy and I am most likely not going to be one of the first sites with a review of the unit.

Ok, I can at least give some first impressions. The machine is really light and cheap feeling, it feels about half the weight of my Nexus 7 (I thought it felt light but this was due to my Nexus 7 being in a leather case). The buttons are nice with the right amount of stiff and springiness. The analog pads are circle pads much like the 3DS or PSP rather than joysticks. They are actually analog but the software seems to be set up so that they sometimes read as digital. Also I have read several reports of the circle pads being defective on arrival and needing re-soldering. I didn't have this issue but in light of my issue I am VERY concerned about build quality. I couldn't really explore the system much because of the defect but, it seemed like it might be somewhat functional if it was working correctly.

Currently I cannot recommend either the JXD S7300 or Willgoo and would encourage a buyer to look elsewhere when ordering one. Getting a defective device from Willgoo will result in a long wait and shipping fees that will quickly make this bargain priced device no longer a bargain. Based upon other reports and my experience the JXD S7300 seems to questionable software and a very poor build quality that is resulting in many defective units.  


  1. Many units being 7? Yes it has flaws but the defects of some are due to DHL handling not willgoo, im sure you aren't satisfied with the unit cause its flaws but I own it and the archosgamepad and this is much much better in some aspects than the archos that FC's half of the aps in the market. after all he did reply to you and gave exchange( thats better than most companies who outright ask you to claim to the shipping company cause they tested the unit prior to shipment.) not sure what company pays for return shipment on returns but personally I've paid 70 or 80 dollars to return my laptop right her in the states for a full cover warranty repair. In any case the software is flawed, the mapping isn't as complex but it does the job. sorry to hear you say that you think its poor built quality cause it's at least 2 times sturdier than the archos gamepad, the other option till shield arrives. Lets hope nvidia fixes the shortcomings of these other companies but please don't state a company gave you bad service when they actually didn't and see that the real blames for fault are at JXD for being lazy on what can be a great machine and DHL for not being as careful as they should.

    1. I don't know how many units are defective however all the forums I have visited have reports of defective thumb-sticks. Generally a small number of people will go to the trouble to publicly complain about these type issues. This is a brand new niche device so we shouldn't be seeing nearly the number of issues reported. Additional if there was not an endemic issue I imagine JXD would have returned my e-mail and Willgoo could have easily issued a replacement immediatly. JXD is obviously having manufacturing problems. Your laptop was probably at least $1000, hopefully a high quality device loaded with high qualtiy software, and presumably not new in box when you returned it. So, you paid less than1/10 it's value to continue to use a valuable device you had been using for a while. The JXD was brand new in the box and $150. I have wasted 1/3 of it's cost on shipping and it does not seem a very good value at $150 to boot. This is the worst experience I have had as a buyer of goods online and I want to make sure people who might think that the JXD S7300 is a good deal weigh their options before spending their hard earned money on this device. Honestly the price point was a big appeal and I would not have paid the price plus extra shipping for it since I have several devices that can do the same things it purports to do. Poor build quality and poor service has left a sour taste in my mouth.

      Ahhhhhh the Archos Gamepad... :( Here is hoping shield gets it right... Also, what happened to the Wikipad and does anyone care?

    2. the thumb sticks flaw is that they relied on the employees at the factory, some didn't do solid weld points and dhl's carelessness made it break. this is common for gadgets from china. also my pc was 1 day old the 1st time, and yes it was around 2 grand, it simply turned off with no life the morning after purchase, and 4 days later asus replied with gladly replace the unit but you have to ship it(same for many other companies), apple has done this also to me, so has newegg and various sites actually only 1 or 2 sellers on ebay have refunded me the shipment but still i had to mail it out of my pocket 1st.JXD btw does take ages to reply to me even when im building software to fix their faults and willgoo had so many sales it was hard to keep up let alone handle return requests. I think he had a customer rush to big at a time compared to what he is used to. in that regard a defective unit from foxoffer also confirmed shipping return cost PLUS shipping cost to resent it again. so yeah most resellers will be the same on the refunds department, but our gripe is directly on JXD, Archos ect cause they seem to interpret ppls wishes on a device in a really odd manner. on the plus side willgoo is in direct communication with JXD trying to get software sources and aid so if JXD wont fix all software kinks we at least have the chance to do so. also im anonymous cause the site wont take my google account to post. also I hope you try our custom firmware once you get your unit again and see if your use of the device is any nicer. after all its still a tablet even if the button software doesn't work as desired, as a tablet it should work at least as one (the original firmware doesn't help)and that's the first step were aiming for with custom firmware.

    3. Oh man, you have had terrible luck ordering online. Amazon's return policy is really great, I have had great luck with E-bay as well, their buyer protection is fantastic.

      Who is this and what site are you affiliated with? I would be glad to link to your custom firmware. I will guess that nobody bought the JXD because they wanted a android tablet. There are vastly superior tablets at similar price points. I'd imagine most buyers got it as a gaming device because it has physical buttons and sticks. If the button software does not function as desired why bother? Custom firmware/software updates totally saved the Dingoo http://iamhandheld.blogspot.com/search/label/Dingoo%20Digital%20A320 It is a bit ridiculous that companies ship products that are not functional until they are updated, often by dedicated hackers. I can't say much about the JDX software at this point since the unit I received was broken but I really hope a talented programmer will take a look at the Sixaxis Controller Android app's touch mapping. It is pretty excellent.

    4. I go by Damedus from dingoonity and amazon wont ship electronic items here because of that same policy, im in the USA but in PR so their methods to do repairs dont cover shipping outside 48 states. In order to save face of their policy they opt not to ship here. Basically if you wanted free return shipping on devices like this they wouldn't be selling outside china until a local reseller picked them up, cause shipping on those cases would come out of their pockets and not the insurance.

  2. bad luck there Sean! I await mine - waiting for tracking # - worried :-)

    I have an Acer A500 which need to be returned twice initially. Though Acer were very good about it and were no costs to me, it was frustrating trying to explain and get the complaint thru to them. The things been working perfect for over a year now.

  3. i cannot think of a single company that uses paypal and will ship a replacement before having received the defective unit. the reason is that some scammers are very crafty and will ship an empty box, give the company the tracking number, and then ask for a replacement immediately. then the company ships the replacement, and maybe a month later they receive the empty box instead of the "defective unit." the unit may even be perfectly functional except that the scammer purposely disconnected one ribbon to make the screen not turn on when pressing the power button or maybe has a script to make the device appear faulty. if the dispute period has expired, then the company has lost all that money. if they do manage to file a paypal dispute, the scammer can provide paypal with the tracking number of the empty box (even though it is empty, it can have a different weight declared on the label) and paypal will side the the buyer. this is why smart sellers who use paypal: will never ship a replacement without receiving the defective unit first

    so their CS is not lousy, its just average. i challenge you to find one paypal-transaction company that will ship a replacement without receiving the original unit first...

    1. if you wanna know more, google "ebay scams"
      many of those scams can be used on any paypal-transaction website which is why sellers have to protect themselves. and being 100% honest, if it was that easy to scam a seller, i would seriously consider it

  4. if you order goods from china/hong kong you ought to know thats where you send it in when it's faulty. its a reason why its cheap, not saying everything is crappy though.

    if you buy it in your own country you pay 2 - 3 times as much probably.

  5. Ok, people you have some good points but this blog is at least partially concerned with educating consumers about portable gaming systems. Yes there are reasons for my negative experience so far but it does not change the fact that I have had a negative experience. I don't care why it happened but, I want to let others know that it CAN happen and more than likely will be a total pain in the ass if it does. When my PSP broke the Sony store replace it for free no questions asked, same with my iPhone at the Apple store. Amazon has a really easy return policy, Ebay has fantastic buyer protection, neither Deal Extreme nor Play Asia have ever hit me up for extra shipping after I placed an order. They ship quickly and professionally. I have even gotten refunds on PlayStation network content, something that is allegedly quite difficult to do. Most companies I deal with are faster, more responsive, and more willing to accommodate. My experience may be "how things are done" however, I simply have not dealt with it before and feel obligated to offer a buyer beware to others.

    1. Ok, so I am seriously interested in buying this device and after reading your post, I am a little discouraged to say the least. I am still going to buy it, but your post definitely has me ready for bad news. Bad soldering isn't a big issue, because my friend can re-solder it for me. I have read dozens and dozens of blogs/reviews about this, and at least half of them have complained about a grinding right analog stick. However, the fix for that I heard is actually pretty simple if you don't want to send it back in.

    2. Sorry for the double post, but you said the device felt cheap. Can you describe what you mean by cheap? I honestly felt that my Dingoo A320 felt a little cheap, but many others felt it was of pretty decent quality. It may just be my expectations are too high for these types of products. Is this of lesser quality than the Dingoo?

  6. Hi! if you're interested, check this comparison i wrote about these two devices
    (in spanish, use the translator on the page to get a translated version)
    In the same site there are reviews for each device too.

  7. you are childish, do more research before telling other people that you know what your talking about, take this blog down, you are wasting the internet

    1. Are you for real or was your cerebral cortex surgically removed for aesthetic reasons?!

      What a load of nonsense I am reading in the comments section. It is clear that some individuals are engaged in heavy trolling and damage control to support a certain company with a less than stellar code of conduct.

      "Take this blog down"? Is this person, who calls others childish, a self-entitled brat his/herself? These trolls need to have their internet connection taken down because they fail to comprehend the concept of an opinion, and especially one that is quite reasonable and informed.

      Sean, you've done a decent job here and your review is certainly a service to others. Hell, I think that you were a bit too generous in the face of what you've had to put up with as a consumer, and even dealing with the apologist nonsense that has transpired in the comments section.

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  9. i totally agree with you on willpoo ,and there terrible service.i ordered one of these also,"free DHL postage " it said.i even emailed the checked that my address was ok for the free delivery.5 days later,(after paying,and them confirming all was ok)they wrote back saying they wanted 25 bucks more to deliver it.problem was,they said no they didnt need more money already,and had sent me an email stating that the parcel had been posted.....19 days later,and only after getting help from a DHL employee about where it actually was and was not.
    i could go on,but lets just say it was the worst purchase online i have ever had,and warn everyone about using them.they still have not fixed it up on there site either.

  10. Bad experience here too. Bought a JXD and had no problem with delivery. The unit failed after about 2 months and after

    First they tried to sell me a new one at a discounted price but I refused. I sent it back and they confirmed the receipt of the unit.

    over 2 months later, its still being repaired in the factory. I have sent a mail today too. Have strong feeling its a goner. Will update if there is a happy ending even if late.

  11. Had the same experience with WillGoo. They specified that I use registered air mail...which costs $126.00 from Baltimore, MD for a unit that is 16 days old. They suggested that I have a local electronics shop repair the unit (no bull!) which voids any warranty. When all else failed, I had a local shop do just that. Seems that the R/F shield (which is also the heatsink in this unit) was NEVER FUCKING SOLDERED IN PLACE at JXD. It was held in place by several pieces of tape. There was 6 spots where solder was applied to the motherboard that would have held it in place...had the solder ever touched the tin. Long story short...JXD didn't attach the heatsink properly, a manufacturing error, but neither WillGoo nor JXD will honor the warranty and fix this thing. My advice, if you insist on buying a JXD product, just burn your money. At least you'll get some heat from the transaction.

  12. Hello people,
    I had also trouble with Willgoo, i bought the Yinlips G19.
    After 4 weeks it was delivered.

    After 2 days it was not booting anymore, it stopped while it was in progress of booting.

    I mailed Willgoo and after a while of bla bla bla i send it back to China for repair.

    They told me not to use a tracking number - but I wanted to be sure.
    After a month or two, they told me that they didnt receive it.

    But I saw in the trackingsite that it was delivered, what a rip off!!
    I contacted my local postoffice and they investigate for me.

    After 6 weeks they told me that it was delivered!
    What a gang of thieves Willgoo are!

    I mailed Willgoo again and they said "we send you a new one!"
    After 4 weeks the "new" device was delivered.

    It was my old, broken device, I recognized it from a scratch on the back of it.

    I got upset and mailed to the Thievgoo, sent it back soon and got my money back.
    Almost of it, because the currency changed, so they kept it in.

    I got back 90 Euros or so, 20 less than i paid before.
    And all of this last ca. 8 Months!!

    Dont buy there, there are a bunch of thieves which want to rip you off!

    Greetings from Germany,


  13. Hey, i've just bought a jxd s7800b from www.jxdofficial.com, it's really very awesome, i like it very much.

    1. It's great to see JXD employees using their own devices! Do you get an employee discount? If so can you hook a review site up? I would love to get a s7800b to review for the site! It would be awesome to be able to report that the QC issues I encountered with the S7300 are gone.

    2. Yes, the official online store site can review.

    3. Official online store sites seem like they might give biased reviews, much like an employee of a company might claim that they bought one of their own devices and that it it awesome. I am asking if you would be willing to send a device to this blog so that you can have an honest ethical review.

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