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Pictures of all the systems

All the systems on the shelf. Makes for a display of high nerdery. A friend said I should take a picture of the entire collection. This is it.


1. Atari Lynx

2. PSP Lite

3. Lexibook

4. N-Gage

5. PSP

6. Game.com

7. AGP2

8. GP2X

9. Nintendo Gameboy

10. Gameboy Pocket

11. Nintendo DS

12. Pixter

13. Game.com Pocket

14. Sega Game Gear

15. Go Live View Mystikats

16. X Changer

17. Sega Nomad

18. Play Station Portable MP4 Digital Player

19. Gizmondo

20. Game Wizard Star Wars

21. Gameboy Micro

22. Pokemon Mini

23. Wonder Swan Crystal

24. Tapwave Zodiac 2

25. Gameboy Color

26. Watara Super Vision

27. NeoGeo Pocket Color

28. Game Theory Admiral

29. GBA

30. GBA SP

31. Handy Famieight

32. Classic Basketball

33. Turbo Express

34. One Station

35. Nintendo DS Lite


  1. Truly, you have constructed a post-modern idol to video gamery. Should the bombs fall, future waste-dwelling generations shall prostrate themselves and worship.

  2. That is so true. I'm going to quote you on that some day.