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The inevitable and much delayed 3DS post.

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted largely because of being a very busy bee at work and home for quite a while. Also my NDA at work has prohibited sharing any information about upcoming or currently released systems. They are all announced or on shelves so I am totally free to type about the 3DS and Vita to my heart’s content.

3DS would be a pretty big letdown but, man oh man, does Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time look and play nice. Seriously, I have no regrets paying over $300 just to play LoZ:OoT. The 3D effect is kind of obnoxious and makes objects in the far distance look really jaggy since the pixels per inch are not on the level of OLED or Retina.

Quick explanation: The 3DS has 133.28 PPI while the iPhone 4 has 326 PPI that means that the pixels on the 3DS are nearly three times as large and thus easier to see at the correct viewing distance. I believe that this is more important and contributes more to the jaggedness of the graphics than the resolution. If someone has a better explanation I’d love to hear it. Also I would love to hear what a band called “Parallax Barrier” would sound like. I bet they would be totally metal.

Turn off the 3D and LoZ:OoT is delicious! In 2D the graphic overhaul looks several steps up from the Nintendo 64 version and is graphically on the level with some PSP games. The controls sometimes feel a bit outdated, this is because, gameplay wise, LoZ:OoT is over a decade old. The controls are as true to the original as they can be with a single exception and have held up very well. The exception is a nice idea, motion controls. In first person perspective you can use the 3DS as more or less a viewfinder into Hyrule. I quickly turned off the new motion controls because I refuse to blow into microphones or wave my 3DS around while riding the bus additionally it is near impossible for me to maintain the 3D effect and move the 3DS. Yes as much as I just badmouthed the 3D effect I play with it on a bit less than half the time. I’ll also note that the 3D effect makes games like Pilot Wings (which is way too short) and Ridge Racer (which is way too Ridge Racer). They are not system sellers but are totally worthwhile because of the 3D effect that enhances solid gameplay.

The only other improvement is having the inventory always available on the bottom screen and this is totally key. I’m currently on the water temple which was notoriously tedious but can quickly swap my Iron Boots right on the touch screen. Awesome!

There is no reason for me to go on at additional length about LoZ:OoT since the critics are all correct. It is an excellent game that has stood the test of time. It is not the only N64 rerelease, the underrated Rayman 3D also was a launch window game that I very much enjoyed and thought looked great. I’d really love to see more N64 rereleases although with the panning from the critics that Rayman and Splinter Cell 3D received I doubt we will see many more full retro rereleases in the near future unless Star Fox 3D is a big success. That said here is my top 5 N64 3DS rerelease wish list.

Golden Eye 007 – Not some lame-o update but the original Rare game with some updated graphics, audio, animations, single cart 4 player MP, and Wi-Fi MP. I know the AI is dumber than a box of rocks but the level design is perfect, please oh please rerelease this. The reason this edges out Perfect Dark is because Perfect Dark recently was rereleased on XBLA and the inclusion of Odd Job, this single best character in all of competitive multiplayer.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – This game is beautiful and foully hilarious with very solid platforming, excellent level design, and a bizarreness that only a few Rare games achieved. I would also accept a sequel titled “Command and Conker” but only if it was released by Doublefine and delivered the gameplay promised on the box art of Conker Live & Reloaded.

Super Smash Bros – Every review of Punchtime Explosion mentions Smash Brothers. This is because everyone wants Smash Brothers on the 3DS. This is also the first, and one of only three games not developed by Rare on my list. A sequel is also somewhat likely to actually be released on the 3DS which is just fine with me since the gist of the game has not changed too much since it’s inception.

Space Station Silicon Valley – This game is difficult to explain but is at it’s heart a puzzle game about possessing robots. It was published by DMA designs, who would later become Rockstar North. The most similar portable game would be The 3rd Birthday, a happy tale about the destruction of NYC and horrible monsters spouting gouts of blood and gore. The main character Aya can jump into allies bodies just like Evo, the main character in Space Station Silicon Valley. On second thought Space Station Silicon Valley is nothing like The Third Birthday, except for the ally possession, and more like Portal, a puzzle game about a psychotic robot… Erm no… ignore everything except the first sentence.

Pokemon Snap – Ok in 3D with motion controls this game would be awesome! I could totally snap the hell outta some Pokemons! No seriously I love me some Pokemon Snap! I worked as a freelance photographer many many years ago and if it was more like Pokemon Snap and less like photographing community college graduations I would still be doing it today. The mere addition of Pester Balls to a graduation ceremony might have been enough to keep me going.

And my honorable mentions

Diddy Kong Racing – This was knocked off the list because I just found out that it was rereleased on the DS. I may need to pick this up. Sure Mario Kart 3D will have parasailing but Diddy Kong Racing had airplanes, hovercrafts and go-carts. Sure it will never be as famous as Mario Kart but Diddy Kong Racing 64 is arguably a better game than Mario Kart 64. In all seriousness I play Diddy Kong Racing just as often as I play Mario Kart Wii because it is just that good.

Banjo Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini , and all the other Rare games released on the N64 – I have been playing thru Banjo Tooie HD on my 360 from XBLA and Banjo Kazooie on my N64 and along with Jet Force Gemini, I’d buy these games again for the 3DS. This lists almost all the Rare released N64 games. Although I have no fond memories of them I suspect that a Double Pak of Mickey’s Speedway USA and Killer Instinct Gold would sell like hotcakes.

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