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Congratulations Marivic!

A winner has been selected for the I am Handheld branding contest. Marivic from Seattle. W00t!!one!!eleven! She writes…

“…Some background about my approach. I collaged the picture of you and some print outs I found online. I mounted the pieces onto graph paper and colored in the arms and legs of the hand held "team" and added action lines. I then took a picture of the piece with my Nikon D80 using a 50mm f1.8 lens and added the "iamhandheld" title using Resevoir Grunge font (underlined)… …and I thought that this quote from your blog helps my art:

"If I could wish one thing for my anthropomorphic hand held gaming machines it would be this. I would wish that each one of them could stand up and be counted."

…Now they can!...

Handheld devices bring joy to the player, but I also see this as the reverse - that handheld games like being played.”

I personally could do without the terrible picture of myself but I think that I am Handheld has a new mascot. Most excellent! Marivic will receive a VG Pocket Caplet. Thanks for all your entries and be on the lookout for the next I am Handheld give away soon.

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