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Mid-Week Link

Just one link this week for the Jerks who come to the page and immediatly leave cause they just want to play Mappy, not read about Mappy. Happy now?


Now you can click thru rather than bounce away... Jerkface.

Quick survey... I've noticed that people seem to stay on the page longer if I hate whatever it is I am writing about and drop a few F-bombs. For serious do you my readers really rejoice in my suffering?


  1. Neil Von GraffenstienMay 16, 2008 at 6:52 AM

    yes, please saying "fuck" a whole lots. makes me forget that i don't know nuthin' bout yer danged MTV Video Game.

  2. I think there's probably enough "angry video game uber-cynical snide nasty petty cursing" reviewers on the internet. Stick with what you do best - looking at cool old games and systems that others have over-looked...