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Says Tipster Chad…

I think it's the 6th paragraph down, the one that begins with, "The game..." How could this apply to future video game development? Is there a valid market for games that "make you

Interesting thing to ponder. With the selection of “brain training” games available on the NDS my guess is yes. The question might be how are we going to use games to make us smarter and are companies going to use proven “edutainment” methods for their learning games?


Rick Roll Mario Paint style.

Chris sent another link this time to Will “Wesley Crusher” Wheaton on GTA. Will is an excellent writer and his blog is worth a read.


And more endless ranting about GTA…

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  1. neil neil banana peelMay 12, 2008 at 11:14 AM

    glen beck sucks. goddamned alcoholics think that people care what the hell they are saying.