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Collection Overview.

Haven’t posted a picture of the current collection or any new units in a while so I thought I’d make a video of the collection. Bellow is a quick overview of the entire collection as well as a photo of the entire collection. I was encouraged by getting a subscriber on YouTube and decided I owed him at least one more video. If you enjoy the videos or prefer the writing let me know and I’ll try to include whatever you my most disloyal readers prefer.

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  1. I think my brother and I still have that 70s football game with the orange buttons. I think we had the basketball version, too. I remember the red dots traveling across the screen.

    From this video, I most like your ocmment that "If it looks like a Sony system, but ISN'T a Sony sytem, it sucks really, really bad." It's a good warning on any brand recognition level. You wouldn't want a wallet that said PradO instead of PradA. Great post and thanks for introducing us to your collection.