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Game Theory Admiral: Engrish Edition

From the Manual of the Game Theory Admiral,


At usage (game machine) front, please read this manual carefully and reserve this book then to make to guide it’s use.

Relevant crazy warning


When takea [sic] look at in the usualenvironment [sic] inside usually a certain flashlight thatappear [sic] or a certainpattern [sic], minimum amount the part of people will or crazy disease go into actionis [sic] take placed to temporary lose the consciousness. This part of people at takea [sic] look at a certain TV game hour may cause the crazy to go into action. The person of the operation game is sometimes although can’t superficially take place above crazy go into action, may still be placed in and did not realize the crazy appearance.

If youor [sic] the member of your family appeared with the crazy and relevant condition of illness ( for [sic] example go into action or lose the consciousness), then at any TV game of operation before, should in advance consult to doctor.” [sic] [sic] [sic]

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Do not be seduced by the promise of “APPEARANCE OF HIGH ACCURACY COLOR” this system will make you lose the consciousness and your crazy will go into action!

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  1. But hey, that's just a theory. A GAME Theory...Admiral. THANKS FOR WATCHING!