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Name that mascot contest!

Summer is coming and it’s time for another contest. This time it’s a name that mascot contest. You might recognize the I am Handheld mascot from the I am Handheld branding contest. The problem is the mascot has no name which means I cannot sell t-shirts with the caption “*Mascot Name* says 'N-Gage Blows'”. The rules are simple, come up with a name for the mascot pictured bellow and one creative winner will win a like new in the box Intellivision 10 Video Game System. E-mail your submissions to sean_fear@hotmail.com by Saturday June 21st and I’ll announce one clever winner on Saturday June 28th.

The internet says of the unit…

“Now you can play your favorite Intellivision games without a console or computer! Just plug Intellivision 10 into your TV set and away you go!

(The) unit is a complete video game system - with games - built into a hand controller. An 8 foot cable from the controller plugs into the video and audio jacks found on the front of most modern TV sets. A menu displayed on your TV screen lets you choose from any of the games in the unit.”

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