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Korg DS-10.

I obtained a copy of the Korg DS-10 sequencer synth software for the Nintendo DS. This software is not currently available in the US however, since the DS is region free, the Japanese version plays fine on any DS. I have not yet fully explored what it can do however it is very easy to use out of the box. Rather then writing about the software I decided to just video it in use.

Starting out with the default pattern it is very easy to build up and experiment around with the sequencer. I played this thru the external speakers that my music equipment is hooked up to however the video camera itself is pretty low quality. It does show more or less how easy it is to use.

Once you have recorded a few sequences you can string them together into a song. Keeping things video game themed I call the following "Mario Variations". This was recorded directly from the DS speakers.

For under $70 this is well worth importing. It qualifies as a musical instrument rather then a game or toy. Very cool! I totally want to start a musical group that performs entirely on DS. Along with Jam Session and homebrew programs like Protein and Nitro Tracker it's totally doable. Surely there are enough DS armed music nerds in the Seattle area to start this group? Who is with me?

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