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Holy Lawsuit Batman this is Not a GBA SP!

Deal Extreme is currently offering some very dodgy imitation systems. The most fascinating is listed as Designer 3.3" LCD Portable Handheld Game Console with 92 Built-in Games (Smalt) [sic]. For the low price of $57.29 you can be the owner of the system that on paper sounds like another crummy NES clone.

Screen: 3.3" TFT, 160*240, up to 32,000 colors
Built-in 92 games
Expansion Slots Total: 1 game cartridge slot
Power adaptor: 2-pin flat plug, input AC 80~240V 50/60Hz 4W, output DC 5.2V 320mA
Rechargeable battery: Li-ion 3.7~3.8V

Dig a little deeper and you soon discover that it is a GBA clone copying the basic design almost entirely, sans the Nintendo logo but, including GBA Games. The unconfirmed game list has a lot of padding but is reported to include several great games including 3 versions of Pokemon, Advance Wars, Bomberman Story, Double Dragon Advance, Contra Advance Alien Wars, Final Fight One, Mario Cart Advance, Metal Slug Advance, R-Type 3rd Lightning, Mario Advance, Mario Advance 4 and, Tetris World.

The aspect ratio of the screen is reported to be a bit off, the quality of the system to be shoddier then the real thing and, some users have noted slowdown which is unsurprising. I can’t recommend this system to anyone but it looks really cool as a curiosity.

Buy one and find out more info at the link bellow.


A more in depth review is available at Assembler Games who's YouTube video is included in this post.


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  1. a Brighter Backlit AGS-101, with a Built in Flashcart!! this is definitly and awesome deal at any price. GBA flashcarts dont exist anymore.

    but, it does have some drawbacks, GB color carts dont work, GBA carts will run but may corrupt saves on some Real GBA Cartridges because it saves to internal flashcart. and Link cable dosent work.