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Watara Supervision: Info Sheet and Video Featurette

The Watara Supervision is a stinker of a system that was only innovative in that it was the first hinged handheld system. Released in 1992, it attempted to compete with the Game Boy, which was first released in 1989, by offering a very low price system. This was crazy even at the time. Nintendo was way too entrenched and nobody would make games for this unknown system. On paper it had slightly better specs. The games however were generally terrible

Watara Supervision Specs:
1992 Price: $49.95
CPU : 8-bit VLSI
Screen: 2.37" x 2.37" 160 pixels by 160 pixels 25600 pixels 4 tone grayscale
Power: 4 AA Batteries
Audio: Speaker with built-in Headphone jack

Gameboy Specs:
1992 Price: $59.95
CPU : Custom 8-bit Sharp LR35902 core at 4.19 MHz
Screen: 1.8" x 1.75" 160 × 144 pixels 23040 pixels with 2-bit 4 shades of green to dark green
Power: 4 AA Batteries
Audio: Mono Speaker with built-in stereo Headphone jack
Dimensions: 90 mm (W) x 148 mm (H) x 32 mm (D) / 3.5" x 5.8" 1.3" (in)

Though it is best known with it's unique hinged design there were at least 11 different design variations with slightly different branding such as the Quickshot Supervision and the GB-2000 which lacks the hinge

Released games for the Watara Supervision:

Bust/Cross (2-in-1)
Hash Block/Eagle Plan (2-in-1)
Classic Casino (3-in-1)
Cave Wonders (4-in-1)
Lucky Jacky (4-in-1)
Balloon Fight
Block Buster
Box Carrier
Brain Power
Bubble World
Challenger Tank
Chinese Checkers
Dancing Block
Delta Hero
Devil Paradise
Dream World
Eagle Plan
Earth Defender
Fatal Craft
Final Combat
Galactic Crusader
Galaxy Fighter
Grand Prix
Happy Pairs
Happy Race
Hash Block
Hero Kid
Hero Hawk
Honey Bee
Jade Legend
Jaguar Bomber
John Adventure
Journey To The West
Kitchen War
Kung-Fu Street
Linear Racing
Ma Jong
Matta Blatta
Olympic Trials
P-52 Sea Battle
Pacboy and Mouse
Pacific Battle
Penguin Hideout
Police Bust
Popo Team
Recycle Design
Soccer Champ
Sonny X'Press
Space Fighter
Super Block
Super Pang
Super Kong
Tasac 2010
Tennis Pro '92
Thunder Shooting
Treasure Hunter
Witty Cat

Bellow is a typically silly video of me opening a sealed copy of Pyramid for the Watara Supervision.


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