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Excalibur Space Invaders and Frogger Mini Arcade Cabinets.

Since I featured some fringe systems that are not for sale earlier today I thought it would be nice to feature something still available for consumption.

Amazon still has a couple Excalibur Space Invaders and Frogger Arcade systems left for sale. Sure they are not as cool as the classic LED mini cabinets but they do still have a nice retro modern look.

They feature.

• Color LCD screen
• Mini arcade joystick
• Authentic retro graphics
• Requires two "AA" batteries (not included)
• The classic video game Frogger in the 1980s portable tabletop console!
• Arcade Hit Classic
• Authentic classic arcade game play and sounds
• Great for the entire family!

Available at the links bellow.

Space Invaders


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