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DSi Extra Large Announced

Nintendo announced the DSi LL today. The DSi LL, also referred to as the XL due to it’s extra large size, is launching in Japan on November 21 and Europe in the first quarter of 2010. It will be retailing for ¥20,000, $220 US, in Japan and is expected to be at a higher price point once it makes it to the west.

Here is some early info.

Screen Size:

4.2 inches

Hardware Size:

(across) 161mm

(front to back) 94.4mm

(thickness) 21.2mm
Touch Pen Size
(short pen) 96mm
(long pen) 129.3mm

(including Battery Pack, short Touch Pen):

Charging Time:
3 hours

Battery Life
(Lowest Brightness): 13~17 hours
(Second Lowest Brightness): 11~14 hours
(Middle Brightness): 9~11 hours

(Second Highest Brightness): 6~8 hours
(Highest Brightness): 4~5 hours

Supported Software
Nintendo DS, DSi, DSiWare

Input Outport Slots:

DS Card Slot, SD Memory Card Slot, AC Adaptor, Headphones, Mic

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