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Flee The Android!

Press releases are always good for some information and this particular one is doubly handheld worthy. A little game called Flee that you can play on your portable Android device that looks and acts just like a classic handheld Game & Watch.

"We are a couple of bedroom-development enthusiasts and we're glad to announce our first self-published videogame, for Android devices: Flee

With Flee, we tried to recreate the feeling of playing an LCD handheld from the 80s (like the Game&Watch series from Nintendo); but we didn't want to just emulate: we created from scratch a new and original game that added an updated gameplay and contemporary game design. You can read about the game design decisions behind Flee on our blog: http://frugalgames.com


- A faithful recreation of vintage handheld technology. It gets dirtier the more you use it. The effect when pressing the screen is also simulated.
- Mode A: control your car across 30 levels
- Mode B: you control the obstacles while the car moves on its own! Save the bunnies in 18 devilish levels
- Mode A + Mode A Turbo + Mode B + Mode B Turbo = 96 levels
- Global scoreboard
- Eclectic 20 songs soundtrack from the public domain and creative commons licensed works

- High quality manual inside the game


- Android 1.6 or later

- Screen resolution of 480x320 or bigger. Recommended: 800x480/854x480

The game costs 1€ on the Android Market, and a 'Lite' version is in the works."

They have offered i am handheld a review copy which I am unable to use however if there are any Android users willing to write a review for this blog I will see what I can do about getting you a review copy.

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