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Neo Geo Portable on the Horizon

Unless you are Nintendo, Sony or an unknown company from China building an android based curiosity there is a lot new in the portable dedicated game machine market right now. The rather weak 3DS launch and pessimism about the Vita are for sure keeping any other contenders out of the market. This makes the appearance of a new device from an old favorite even more surprising. Though it has not been officially announced pictures and rather strong rumors of the device, a new Neo Geo Portable, have surfaced. The rumors started with a post including pictures of the device from Famicom Plaza. The device is rumored to come preloaded with 20 classic arcade games including such classics as King of Monsters, Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown. Based upon the quality of the Neo Geo Pocket and SNK's prior consoles I expect this will be a quality retro game portable.

Here are the specs as best as can be gleaned:

  • 170 x 72 x 15mm

  • 4.3-inch screen

  • 2GB of internal memory

  • SD card slot,

  • four face buttons

  • four shoulder buttons

  • Console style control stick

  • 2200mAh rechargeable battery

Here's the list of games rumored to come with the device:

  • World Heroes

  • Ultimate 11

  • Top Player's Golf

  • Sengoku

  • Nam-1975

  • Mutation Nation

  • Last Resort

  • King of Monsters

  • Frenzy

  • Cyber Lip

  • Fatal Fury Special

  • Art of Fighting

  • Super Sidekicks

  • League Bowling

  • Metal Slug

  • Magical Lord

  • Baseball Stars Professional

  • Samurai Shodown

  • King of Fighters '94

  • Fatal Fury

I'll update when I find out more.


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