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Conny PDC100: it has 100 games! That is why it has the number one hundred in it’s name.

Another cheap, poor quality, multi-game handheld has become available. This one is called the Conny PDC100. It appears to have a collection of completely original games which does not bode well for these type bargain handhelds. Here are the official specs.

Model: Conny PDC100
2.5-inch 16-bit color TFT LCD display.
TV-out support.
100 games built-in.
16 x puzzles
17 x actions
20 x mini games
20 x shooters
17 x racing games
10 x luck-based games
Powered by 3 x AA batteries.

It is available thru Deal Extreme for the low (but probably far to high) price $65.
Let me know what you think if you have one of these.

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