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Definitive Gameboy Timeline.

I published a brief handheld gaming timeline quite a while ago but it does not begin to compare to the less inclusive but very slick timeline at Gizmodo. Check it out at the link. http://gizmodo.com/5222211/the-definitive-game-boy-timeline

Here is the less impressive, slightly updated, and more inclusive timeline from i am handheld.

Milton Bradley releases the first cartridge-based handheld video game system MicroVision. Nothing much happens in portable gaming for the next 10 years.

Nintendo releases the Game Boy system. It's boxy has a lousy screen and is ugly as hell but everyone loves it.
Tetris is arguably the most important handheld game ever. It is released for the Game boy which sells like crazy.
Atari Lynx is the first color handheld video game system but it does not have Tetris and eats batteries. System will hang around for years wishing it found Tetris first.

Sega releases the Game Gear in Japan.
Turbo Express is released which plays TG 16 carts.

Europe and US get Game Gear.
Japan gets Parodius on the Gameboy, while US gets boring old R-Type.

Watura Supervision
is released along with games like Recycle Design and, Untouchable which perfectly describe the game system.
25 million Gameboys have been sold.

Mega Duck & Cougar Boy game systems are released in Europe. US suffers from never receiving these systems.
Zelda first appears on a handheld.

94 is a slow year in handheld gaming due to "Grunge". Only game released is "Stop That Roach!" on the Gameboy.

Nintendo releases Virtual Boy. It's totally 3D! Gamers develop a collective migraine.
Game Axe is released which is a pirate handheld Famicom player. Thanks to NES on a chip technology spawns many imitators.
Sega Nomad released. Genesis heads now have excuse to lug their Genesis cartridge collection around with them. System only fits in duffle bags.

Neo Geo Pocket is released in awesome black and white!

Tiger Electronics releases game.com. Someone better have gotten fired!
Sega stops supporting Game Gear format.

Nintendo releases Game Boy Color.
Sony PocketStation is a mem card and a portable game!
Pokemon invade the Gameboy and millions of parents have no idea what the hell their children are talking about.
Games are still being released for the Lynx. Lynx users are like "In your face Nintendo!"

SNK totally copies Nintendo and releases Neo-Geo Pocket Color. Metal slug now fits in your pocket as well as some awesome fighting games.

Wonderswan is released. A couple nerds want it to come out in the US but nobody cares about their needs.
Majesco re-releases the Game Gear. It is called Game Gear Core System.
Neo Geo Pocket releases another Metal slug game then gives up when GBA appears on the horizon.

Nintendo releases the Game Boy Advance handheld system.
Advance Wars, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, F-Zero, and others are released for GBA. GBA is looking good.
GP32 is released, only a few nerds care. Homebrewers rock.

Wonderswan Crystal
is even more beautiful than it’s predecessor. It has a great library of RPGs but all are in japanesse.
GBA gets Zelda and Metroid, bathes in the blood of defeated game systems.

Nokia releases the N-Gage It’s a phone and a game system. Casual gamers don't care. Hardcore gamers care even less.
Puzzle Bobble VS is releases for N-Gage. This game should be impossible to do a bad version of but somehow manages to get an average score of 22%.
Tapwave releases the Zodiac, it's a PDA made for games.
Timetap releases Gameking, China throws a party.
Game Theory Admiral is released which plays famicom games. Nintendo does not seem to care.
Nintendo counters with GBA SP and all the other systems fail.

N-Gage QD is released and still sucks, just not as badly, not nearly as bad as the Gizmondo which would have almost been ok if it was a cell phone and is released next year.
Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party is cancled. This is possibly the final nail in the failing N-Gage's coffin. The world breathes a sigh of relief as a game called "Pocket Party" will not be played in public.
Wonderswan stops getting games. Still none in English.
Nintendo releases the Nintendo DS, and Pokemon Mini. This duel strike knocks all other mo-fos out.

Sony releases PSP and handhelds are finally legitimized.
Gizmondo is released, Sticky Balls makes gamers snicker, Colors is canceled and Erickson crashes his Enzo. The End!
EZ Mini is released.
Also released is the GP2X which makes the GP32 nerds screamgasm with delight.
Nintendo can't stop itself and releases a lite version of the GBA SP, and Gameboy micro.

The Nintendo DS Lite ups the sex appeal of Nintendo. Handheld games have officially exploded. Girls, casual gamers, your parents, and jocks officially play video games and carry them around in their pockets.
OneStation brings probably illegal games to savy importers at low prices.

PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite are released.
iPhone releases.

Pandora is scheduled to release but does not.

DSi is released, PSP Go is announced, Wiz and Dingoo are released, Pandora looks more like vaporware.


  1. How's the Pandora look like vaporware?

  2. It has slipped well past it's release date, it seems too cool, I'm sure that it has plenty of people that have invested plenty of money. It seems quite a bit like the Phantom game console (Check it out on wikipedia). I'd love to hear what Open Pandora has to say about it.