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PXP-900, The Most Realistic Looking PSP Since the PSP

Another awesome looking clone system for you, according to Technabob this one is called the PXP-900. Why do I say awesome looking? Because it looks almost exactly like a PSP. This Portable Media Player has scores of features including video and audio playback. The one that interests us most is it’s gaming abilities. Well, even though it looks like a PSP it is not one. I’d give specs but the couple sites that sell the things lit it differently. What they do more or less agree on are the supported game formats that include, NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Genesis, and possibly SNES and GBA.

Pick it up for $59.46 as the 4.3" LCD Game Console Style MP4 PMP Player with TV-Out and 300KP Camera (2GB with TF Slot) at the link bellow.

More info is available at Technabob.

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