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Treasure Grab Available in the App Store Now.

Mikko Karvonen, a producer at Universomo was nice enough to send me a press release for their new iPhone game Treasure Grab

According to the Mikko the game allows you to,

“Take control of a young thief named Alya Loot and prove yourself by stealing the most precious heirlooms of four decadent nobles. Explore the mansions, pick locks, trick guards, and grab everything that has not been nailed down – and most of what has been. Show your skills and maximize the spoils by making the most out of the 7 Trickster Spirit powers, including disguise and invisibility.”

The art, audio and, writing are all quite excellent and the on screen controls are as well done as on screen controls for the iPhone can be done, with an invisible virtual joy stick appearing anywhere the player touches on screen. Mikko describes the game very accurately using the, “it’s like _______ meets _______” analogy.

“The main inspirations for the game were, as strange combination as it might sound, Thief and Pac-Man. The team set out to create a game of breaking, entering and looting, inspired by Thief series on PC, but wanted to transform it into something lighter, more fast-paced, and better suited for mobile environment.”

Most importantly the game is a lot of fun and well worth the $2.99 price.

It is available at the app store at the link bellow.


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