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Famiclones with Gamecube?

One of our readers writes,

"Hey man, I've been trying to figure this out for some time, and you seem very knowledgeable on the subject. Do any of the GBA Famiclones (such as the Time Machine SP, or the Handy Famieight) have the physical ability to plug into the Gameboy Player port on the Gamecube?"

I have no idea myself since I have neither a Gamecube or a Gameboy Player however, I suspect not. It looks like the GBA game cards plug directly into the Gameboy Player. The Handy Famieight does have RCA out as do other portable famiclones such as the FC Mobile and newer B/Retro-Bit Retromini-X so those might be options if your end desire is to play your NES games on your TV.

Anyone have any suggestions for 'networking' a famiclone with a Gamecube or which one would work best?

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