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Retromini-X available at Play N Trade

This news is only really exciting if you live near a Play N Trade, possibly just a very specific Play N Trade at 11308 NE 124th St, Kirkland, WA. Play N Trade has a decent selection of new and used games from NES carts all the way up thru PS3. I have picked up a couple Dreamcast games and a VMU there at highly reasonable prices. Though not as well stocked as Pink Godzilla in the classic game department they have a more diverse selection when it comes to new used games for an English speaking market. Currently they have a system called the Retromini-X, manufactured by a company called B/Retro-Bit, in stock. The system plays NES games off of cart in a handheld form with the option to hook it up to the television. I can't vouch for the quality however for $49.99 without shipping this could be a good deal.

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